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The Rule of Thirds

In photography, the Rule of Thirds is a well-known guideline which places the subject of the image in the left or right third of the frame, leaving the rest of the picture more open which can lead to more compelling shots. To us however, it means something entirely different. We believe that while two people may have a great idea, it takes that third person to view things in a different light, to inject that opposing force which required to push the idea in a brand new direction. 


Meet the Team

Whether you're looking to get into business with us, buy a product, ask for help, or just need someone to grab a beer with, ThirdsMedia would love to meet you.


Josh Scherrer

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Chief Executive Officer


Amberly Baus

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Chief Operating Officer


Zbynek Surovec

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Chief Technical Director

Some of Our partners

We are proud to work with talented people like you and hope we enrich your lives as much as you enrich ours.

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